Business Trainings

The aim of the business trainings is to help employers and employees to improve and develop their professional skills based on the modern management principles, accelerate and motivated employee behavior to advance  individual and team work spirit and master the self-efficiency techniques.

As a result of the training, people do not change, they change their attitude toward the environment, which gives them the opportunity to fully demonstrate their potential.

We offer different types of trainings:

  • Effective Customer Service
  • Sales Strategy and Technology (banking, insurance, distribution)
  • Effective Presentation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Corporate Culture and Relationship Management
  • Conflict Management Strategies in Organizations
  • Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales Management for Merchandisers and Distributors

Business trainings are designed to:

  • Make changes in employee behavior to advance their professional and personal skills and improve their productivity
  • Strengthen the theoretical knowledge with practical  and modern business skills
  • Advance individual and team work tactics
  • Master self-efficiency techniques

Training in Business Skills:

  • The training is built on modern international business technologies
  • Created and adapted to the Georgian business environment
  • Focused on forming the practical and self-management skills

The modules are constantly updated to include the modern trends of the business environment.

Methodological vision:

Training is conducted in an interactive teaching mode and combines transferring theoretical information via presentations and team exercises oriented on strengthening practical skills.

The following methods are applied during the seminar/training:

  • Team exercises
  • Exercises and role-playing games
  • Individual exercises
  • Video shoot and video analysis
  • Review / analysis of the practical examples
  • Creative exercises

Trainings are designed for:

  • Employers, who are willing to train their employees and improve their skills
  • Mid-level managers and others who are interested to acquire and improve their managerial skills
  • Current and future leaders, students, masters and bachelors
  • For those who are interested in the major concepts and modern approaches in business management
  • Employees who are directly serving clients
  • Employees who are responsible for the service quality
  • Any company representative who is interested to implement the best service standards in their organization


For additional information about the trainings and registration please contact: Nino Sanadiradze -, 032 2 42 41 81


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