Strategic Direction
  • Company Strategic Course Determination

A company’s strategic course determines its direction in the long run. It sets optimal ways for reaching a company’s long-term and short-term goals. Organizational structure and operational procedure are developed in accordance with the company's strategic course.

  • Organizational Audit

A company's complex analysis is performed within the organizational audit, which determines what structural changes are necessary in order to meet company goals, including changes or updates in organizational structure, operational procedure, capital structure or any other changes.

  • Risk Management

Incorrect or inefficient management of internal organizational and market risks can lead a company into a wrong path. Effective risk management, risk evaluation, management strategy and tactics can increase company efficiency.

  • Business Plans

A business plan helps companies to effectively plan and run their operations, since it describes and demonstrates existing risks and opportunities in the market. A business plan gives a specific business idea a comprehensive project format, which the authors can present to any financial institution for attracting necessary financial resources.

  • Feasibility study

Alliance Group Capital offers its customers a feasibility study service. A feasibility study assesses the feasibility of a particular project and describes what time, effort and resources are necessary for implementing a specific idea and how productive and profitable such an idea can be. Feasibility studies are an important instrument for management in their decision-making process.

  • Company Profiles

The company profile gives a brief overview of company operations, its management, organizational structure and financial data. Company profiles are usually used for introducing companies to interested parties, such as investors, customers, partners, mass media and other stakeholders.


Stock Indexes
Index Value Change
DJIA 18343.8 0
NASDAQ 5255.65 4.55
S&P 500 2191.95 0.87
Nikkei 225 18274.99 -151.09
STOXX 50 3022.25 7.12
FTSE 100 6754.82 24.1
GSE 95.14 2
Commodities Prices
Commodity Price Change
Crude Oil 40.94 -0.2
Gold 1133.2 1.2
Corn 349.25 2