Investment Services
  • Attracting Partners and Investors

Alliance Group Capital helps its customers to find relevant partners or investors for a specific project financing. The service includes managing the negotiation process with potential financial institutions or private investors after presenting the full investment package and agreeing on investment terms.

  • Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are one of the best solutions for addressing short-term liquidity issues for companies. One aim of bridge loans is to create a credit history for start-up companies so that other financial institutions can refinance the loan with a more affordable financial resource after a short period of time.

  • Fund Raising and Allocation

Our fund raising and allocation service is designed for local companies interested in finding external sources of financing. Investment proposals we prepare are submitted to potential investors to attract funds which are then allocated to local businesses.

  • Share acquisitions and buyback operations (MBO, LBO)

This service enables companies to get assistance when performing such transactions as an MBO, Management Buy-out, or LBO, Leveraged Buy-out, which are financed through loans.

  • Security Issues (Bonds, Shares)

Companies interested in issuing securities can use the service, which includes company valuation, estimating nominal bond price and implementing other services for emissions. If cross-border issuance is preferred, AGC can provide credit rating advisory services through its U.S.-based partner, Global Investment Advisors, Inc. (GIA).

  • Mergers and acquisitions

At a particular stage of company development, there comes a time when companies are interested in mergers or acquiring other businesses. This operation entails growth of market share and sales, reaching effective synergies and improving efficiency of the operations.

  • Company Disposal

AGC assists management in preparing company sale by analysing the company’s position in the market, estimating company value, preparing financial projections, conducting negotiations with investors, and preparing the final agreement.

  • Exit strategies

Alliance Group Capital offers customers consultation in exit strategies, particularly in such topics as capital structure between shareholders during the exit period, and optimal solutions for addressing tax and financial issues.

  • Crediting

Alliance Group Capital offers its customers a broad range of credit services, which includes:

  • Short-term and long term debt financing
  • Convertible Equity loans
  • Refinancing loans – for other long-term financial costs
  • Synergy loans with other subsidiaries of Alliance Group Holding, including Alliance Group Leasing and Alliance Group Microfinance Organization



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