About Company

Alliance Group Capital (AGC) - established in 2006 is a consulting and investment company, which offers strategic advisory and capital raising services to firms interested in effective business management and investment opportunities. Throughout its operation, AGC has established strong cooperation with leading Georgian banks and has gained credibility as a reliable and solid partner for international investment funds, financial institutions and private entities.

AGC’s goal is to invest in the companies and projects in Georgia that have substantial potential to become market leaders. The team of professional experts offers the most optimal and sustainable solutions for long-term development in accordance with individual customer needs and requirements.

In 2014, AGC became the first investment and consulting company from the Caucasus that joined international M&A network, GLOBASLCOPE Partners. Through membership at international M&A network, AGC can assist local companies in acquisition, divestment, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures or licensing initiatives.


Competitive Advantages

  • Thorough knowledge of local business environment
  • Professionalism, experience and global connection
  • Solid international partners
  • Cooperation with leading Georgian banks
  • Products and services tailored to meet individual customer needs


Alliance Group Capital partners with the following international funds and organizations:

  • London-based private investment advisory and management firm, GML Capital LLP specializing in emerging markets;
  • Member of international M&A network, GLOBALSCOPE
  • Global Investment Advisors, Inc. (GIA) -  a credit rating advisory service provider;
  • International financial and investment funds, targeting CIS, Central and Eastern European countries;
  • Business Advisory Services (BAS) programme, funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Alliance Group Capital is a subsidiary company of JSC Alliance Group Holding, established in 2005 by Georgian, American and European shareholders. The company manages seven subsidiary companies with diversified core businesses in various financial and consulting sectors – Microfinance, Leasing, Investments, Real Estate, Energy, IT, Business Information and Credit Ratings.


Stock Indexes
Index Value Change
DJIA 18343.8 0
NASDAQ 5255.65 4.55
S&P 500 2191.95 0.87
Nikkei 225 18274.99 -151.09
STOXX 50 3022.25 7.12
FTSE 100 6754.82 24.1
GSE 95.14 2
Commodities Prices
Commodity Price Change
Crude Oil 40.94 -0.2
Gold 1133.2 1.2
Corn 349.25 2