Aieti Kukava

Aieti Kukava -
Chief  Executive Officer

The graduate of Tbilisi State University, the faculty of economics with the specialty of statistics; the holder of an MBA (master’s degree of business administration) of Clark University (Massachusetts, USA). He has upgraded qualification in the fields of: strategic business management, (Stockholm and Kuala Lumpur 2009-2010),Risk Management in Leasing transactions- (Brussels), Risk management in microfinance institutions (Prague 2011), Managing holding companies (Vienna 2008), Leveraged Finance (Barcelona 2007), Business leadership Program 1998 USA (NY, IA) and number of others.

In 1997 Aieti began to work for the Absolute Bank on the position of credit expert and became senior Loan officer. His experience in finance field includes companies such as "Jefferson Pilot Securities" USA, "Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Georgia" Ltd, "Central State Bank" and "Bank of New York" (USA), " JSC Credit info Georgia as founder and GM". He was chairman for Micro-finance association 2009 to 2013 and is board director for MFC Warsaw. Since 2005 is CEO of JSC “Alliance Group Holding”, Since 2006 is GM of “Alliance Group Capital” Ltd.


Stock Indexes
Index Value Change
DJIA 18343.8 0
NASDAQ 5255.65 4.55
S&P 500 2191.95 0.87
Nikkei 225 18274.99 -151.09
STOXX 50 3022.25 7.12
FTSE 100 6754.82 24.1
GSE 95.14 2
Commodities Prices
Commodity Price Change
Crude Oil 40.94 -0.2
Gold 1133.2 1.2
Corn 349.25 2