55 international investment companies from more than 40 countries attended the event. M&A forum participants reviewed investment potential of Georgia, discussed particular investment projects and business development opportunities. Banking and finance, energy, real estate, tourism and food processing industries were the worthiest fields for the investors.

For the first time in Georgia and in the caucasian region, investment company "Alliance Group Capital" (AGC) will host Globalscope 2018 Global M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) Network Meeting.

Globalscope was founded in 1987 when a small group of entrepreneurial corporate finance and business advisors came together to support clients in cross-border transactions

Hundarian company Heal Partners hosted Global scope’s upcoming bi-annual European Deal Day in Budapest, On June 1.

24 attendees, representing 15 firms from around the world, have gathered at the Hilton Budapest and discussed their current transaction mandates and leads to solicit further international M&A activities across the European regions.

The second investment forum ‘Georgia Land of Opportunities’ organized by JSC BIA and Alliance Group Holding took place on May 15 in Tbilisi.

The investment forum brought together 500 delegates including numerous well-known international companies, representatives of global investment and commercial banks, project finance, credit rating agencies, private equity and venture capital firms, as well as senior political figures and business leaders.


The First Annual Forum on “The Georgian Economy: Prospects and Challenges for Business”, organized by JSC BIA and Alliance Group Holding in cooperation with the Government of Georgia, will take place in mid-March 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Stock Indexes
Index Value Change
DJIA 18343.8 0
NASDAQ 5255.65 4.55
S&P 500 2191.95 0.87
Nikkei 225 18274.99 -151.09
STOXX 50 3022.25 7.12
FTSE 100 6754.82 24.1
GSE 95.14 2
Commodities Prices
Commodity Price Change
Crude Oil 40.94 -0.2
Gold 1133.2 1.2
Corn 349.25 2