03.11.2014 - Alliance Group Capital conducted training for GASA employees

Alliance Group Capital conducted a training on “Sale Strategy and Effective Customer Service” to the employees of Georgian Avian Service Agency (GASA). The purpose of the training was to introduce modern sale technologies and improve customer service skills.

As a result of the training, the participants were able to learn modern sale strategies, customer psychology and improved their persuasion and effective customer service skills. The participants were introduced to verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal aspects of communication.

The company GASA established in 2010 is a general commercial agent of the Pegasus Airlines to Georgia as well as the official representative of German railway operator - Deutsche Bahn, Israeli airlines - ARKIA and Arabian airlines - Air Arabia.

Alliance Group Capital offers business trainings to legal as well as private individuals. The aim of the business trainings is to help employees to improve and develop their professional skills based on the modern management principles, accelerate and motivated employee behavior to advance individual and team work spirit and master self-efficiency techniques.


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