24.11.2014 - Cooperation with German architectural company GA Niekish for Saguramo residential complex

Today, an agreement was signed between Alliance Group Capital and German architectural firm GA Niekish. Within the cooperation, German firm will design three different 3D projects for private houses for Saguramo residential complex and a general construction plan. German firm was selected for ensuring German quality and service.

Alliance Group Capital has started development of residential complex in Saguramo. The complex is located by Aragvi River in ecologically clean and quiet place, ideal for residential living as well as summerhouses, within 15-minutes drive from Tbilisi. Clients can purchase 400-500 sq. m private plot areas from 12,000 USD. The price includes the project prepared by German architectural firm.

The residential complex will be equipped with all necessary communications, security, green plants, internal roads, children playground and relevant infrastructure.


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