20.01.2015 - Training for employees of German ice cream parlor, Luca Polare
Alliance Group Capital conducted a training on “Training for Trainers (TOT)” to the employees of German-Georgian, ice cream-coffee shop parlor, Luca Polare. The purpose of three-day training was to introduce modern technologies of learning and training delivery.

As a result, the participants were able to learn how to plan and conduct an effective training, manage different groups and facilitation skills, all of which will help them to deliver effective trainings to new comers. The certificates of attendance were handed to each participant.

The German-Georgian family business, Luca Polare was established in 2008 and currently operates four ice cream-coffee shops in Tbilisi. Luca Polare offers up to 26 different flavors of ice cream made according to original Italian recipes that do not contain any artificial coloring or flavoring.  Providing top quality products and friendly service focused on customer needs are the main priorities of Luca Polare.


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