06.03.2017 - "Alliance Group Capital" on international business forum

The First Annual Forum on “The Georgian Economy: Prospects and Challenges for Business”, organized by JSC BIA and Alliance Group Holding in cooperation with the Government of Georgia, will take place in mid-March 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The one-day forum will bring together over 400 chief executives drawn from politics, the business community, embassies, international organizations and associations to create a platform for communication between foreign investors and local companies and to direct sales and open networking opportunities for both local and international businesses.  The BIA forum aims to discuss and critically examine all major aspects of the local economy and will propose the steps for accelerating the pace of development of the economy. Speakers will cover opportunities in all major industry segments.

Advisory support for submission with potential investors provides Alliance Group Capital, which is the partner of Business Information Agency. The main goal of AGC is to connect local companies and foreign investors and to help them with fund-raising. Alliance Group Capital helps in designing teaser and selecting preferred investors. Also, AGC prepares you for professional and effective communication with investors.


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