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Being an innovator in the investment and consulting sectors, AGC started to develop M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) industry in Georgia by attracting international investors and implementing M&A business practices. In 2014, AGC became the first investment and consulting company from the Caucasus region that joined one of the famous international M&A network, GLOBASLCOPE Partners.

GLOBALSCOPE was founded in 1987 aiming to support clients in cross-border transactions. Now the international network has 55 members on every continent in 46 countries across 75 cities from California to Beijing.

Membership of GLOBASLCOPE enables AGC to assist local companies in acquisition, divestment, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures or licensing initiatives.

In September 2018, Georgia and AGC hosted the first M&A Forum in the Caucasus region. GLOBALSCOPE members from more than 50 international companies participated in the forum and Investment Team of AGC presented various investment projects of Georgia to them.