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Successful cooperation of Alliance Group Capital with Revogroup

Alliance Group Capital (AGC) has financed the company Revogroup Ltd, importer of the low alcohol drink, established in 2011. The company is an exclusive trader of Shake Cocktail and Revo energy drink in Georgia.

During the past two years, the company has been steadily importing products from Ukraine in every 3-4 months. As a result of AGC's financial support and efficient operations from Revogroup, the company served around 100 commercial stores in Tbilisi, which resulted in increasing the company's revenue up to 13-15 thousand GEL per month.

Due to the sales growth, Revogroup applied for additional funding from AGC. After successful negotiations, the company received extra funding and imported additional container of fully loaded Shake cocktails. As a result, the company extended its coverage by 30% in Tbilisi. Revogroup products are currently available in almost every chain stores and the company's turnover, capacity and awareness has significantly increased.