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USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative Project

Alliance Group Capital has been selected by the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative Project (EPI) to participate in the Financial Advisory Program.
Alliance Group Capital has been selected by the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative Project (EPI) to participate in the Financial Advisory Program. Under this program, Alliance Group Capital will identify perspective companies from EPI’s target value chains (apparel enterprises, informational and communication technologies, agriculture, tourism and construction materials) that are interested in attracting local financing and have solid potential to raise finance. Alliance Group Capital will provide advisory services to selected companies, assisting them in developing investment proposals to attract additional financial resources for future development. 

“We are very proud for taking part in this program. Alliance Group Capita” has been working on international investments for many years. We have contributed to realization of several important projects in Georgia. Thus, through our experience, we believe we can achieve successful implementation of investment opportunities and give Georgian enterprises a real chance for development. Our work is focused to increase value not only for specific companies, but to contribute to economic growth of the country” - declared Mr. Aieti Kukava, CEO Alliance Group Holding. 

The goal of the Economic Prosperity Initiative Project is to promote private sector development in Georgia and increase competition in business. The USAID-funded 4 year project , with USD 40 million budget, will help the Georgian companies and agricultural enterprises to raise their competitiveness.